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Steve Betz

[this is good] Your posts are making me want to go back to NYC!  I was thinking back, and I don't think I've been there in 10 years!

java janie

It's been a really fun time this week. Exploring new places. I think you and the Beloved would really like the Village. And don't forget, Kristen Chenowith is on Broadway right now. Although, Sean Hayes and Katie Finneran really stole the show. 


[this is good] I am hoping to get to NYC before long. I was fortunate to be there in 1998 as a chaperone for two of my kids' band trip. What a great trip! And I have some great pics of the WTC.

It's such a good idea to write things down/journal/whatever you call it. So many things happen and so many of them get lost in all the clutter that it's a very good thing to have them recorded.

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