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It will be epic! :) Can't wait to see you. :)

Steve Betz

[this is good] Guys names Steve kick butt.

We're also shooting to go see "The Girl That Played With Fire" this weekend.  I hope we can, I really want to see it.  I re-watched "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" the other day just to refresh

Give Kelly hugs for us!!

java janie

We just saw "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" in June when we went to Albany. So it's pretty fresh. Great movie. 

java janie

It will be more than epic now that free sweet potato fries are involved. 


Come east for a visit! :) 

Yay, free sweet potato fries! 


It was so good to see you and Steve! I just love our Vox friends! Everyone has been so great! I just hope we get to meet more of them! (EX: SteveB, Kelly, Jen, Cori, Melissa....)

So glad you guys live near DC too. Can't wait to visit someday soon! The boys would love your ducks and the pool! :)

And it sounds like Miss Shirley's is a place I need to go!


Bullet point respons:
-Kelly and Miss Shirley's, SERIOUS ENVY!
-Settlers of Catan = Awesome.  I love that game.  I need to buy it.
-Glad to hear that there are good things going on with you!
-Have fun at the movie tonight


Someone needs to go to grad school in Baltimore.  That's all I'm saying. :)

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