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jen pfluke

[this is good] Staycations are fun. :) And you need to take me to all of those places. (Well, okay, probably not Knoxville and Nashville.)


I really liked Hot Tub Time Machine. :) 

And Jen, you need to go to Miss Shirley's.  I feel like they should hire me to shill for them since I do it ALL THE TIME.

Ooooh, and we should go back to Edo Sushi.

Janie, back me up! :)

jen pfluke

They started following me on Twitter because you @'d me (I think I just made that up) at some point. I thought it was funny. And I SO want to go. Really.

java janie

Good Stuff Eatery is this burger place owned by Spike Mendolsen (sp?). I think he was on Top Chef. And he just opened up this place next door called, "We the Pizza". Can't wait to try it.

And yes, Edo is awesome! 

jen pfluke

Oh yeah! Spike! He was seriously so arrogant. I wanted to smack him all the time -- but he always made the best food. I think he was around till the last episode before the finals.


[this is good] it's refreshing and makes me a better mom throughout the rest of the year

More moms should realize this. :)

Spike was just on top chef DC and I noticed he opened "We the Pizza" and I wish I could try it. He was a little bit of a snake on his season but no doubt the man can cook.

Steve Betz

[this is good] Say hi to Jim and Steph!!!

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