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Amy Sue

Aww...poor guy!  I'm sure he'll consider you to be his best friend forever!  Glad he's OK.


Yeah, possums are pretty much a bunch of bastards..really, their mothers don't marry and they like to take up residency in my walls  Two out of  three criteria that make up a bastard (The third is cutting me off in traffic). Plus they really stink and love a chicken dinner more than Colonel Sanders. We've hardwired everything but the roof of the run, it's just chicken wire, which was fine until it got too hot to close them up at night. Now, I worry.

Glad you were able to save your little guy..and I'm sorry you got a little guy! I always think my girls are so loud after they lay an egg..and then I went to my moms house. My girls don't have anything on her rooster. Cock-a-doodle-do all day long!

java janie

Well, since we live in a neighborhood, we were already planning to take him to the Amish poultry farm where we bought the ducks today. So this afternoon, we loaded the little guy up and made some Amish teenage boy's day. He was very happy with "Myrtie" (original name Myrtle til he started crowing). Myrtie was roosting on his arm as he walked away and the Amish kid had a huge smile on his face. He was a really pretty rooster. 

Still sad, because Myrtie and I had a special bond. He loved to curl up in my lap while I was reading and sleep. Sweet little guy but I'd rather keep my chickens on the down low. No HOA or laws about poultry, but I love my chickens and I don't want any complaints. 

My girls are all safe and locked up tonight. Myrtie had been in a different cage as he was pecking at Bailey, our Silkie Bantam. Stupid possums. 

Steve Betz

Oh man!  Glad your rooster is okay.  What a shot of adrenaline that is!

java janie

I still think you and Penny must've had a much bigger shot of adrenaline when that coyote attacked her! 


Methinks the possum was just as thrilled about being woken early in the morning as you were!

java janie

Now that's really funny! 

Hey, do you still blog? If so, where? I'm seriously considering moving this thing to wordpress or something. Then again there's so much stuff to move. But I'd like to read your blog if you're blogging. 

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