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You better consult your physician about that heart


Yay, glad you're loving your poultry..there's nothing foul about fowl! (Sorry, reading a book where my favorite character spouts bad puns regularly). I wish I wasn't an outlaw and could get more...but this is kinda the closest to the edge I'm comfortable living. Luckily, I've been able to give all the neighbors eggs, so no one complains (You should hear a hen after she lays an egg... they sing an egg song and they're LOUD.). Not that they would, I just don't wanna take any chances and I love sharing my eggs. My kitties are pretty cute, too!

And btw..love your spam! Glad I'm not the only one.

Artzy Lady

More photos please!  =)  I grew up with chickens, hated them because they would attack my feet and peck me when I went into the chicken coup to get the eggs.  I was terrified of them.  But somehow at this stage in my life, having sweet little furry/feathery things running around... that eventually start laying eggs... it does have a certain appeal.  Two border collies... well... that doesn't sound like it would work.  Keep the photos coming, they are SO cute!

java janie

I can't wait to see what Steve comes up with for the coop. He's cleared out a spot already. Although, he half-jokingly said, "Maybe the playhouse would be a good idea for a coop." Especially now that we need a nighttime enclosure for the ducks too. 

java janie

Yeah, I can't wait for the eggs. I tried to add pictures to this post, but Vox wasn't letting me. I'll try again later today. 


Have you guys looked at all the coops on backyardchickens? There are some really adorable chicken coops out there! As artistic as Steve is, if you decide to build one from scratch, keep notes and take lots of pictures. They have contests on BYC for coop designs (And homemade incubators..if the force eventually gets that strong with you!). I don't remember what you win..I think something from their store, but it would be fun to enter!



java janie

Perhaps Thomas is a psychic and knows something I don't know. Hmmmm. Better consult my physician! 

java janie

Oh, he's been looking at that site. And I'm spending way too much time reading the forums. :) Thanks for recommending it! 


I wanna snuggle with a duckling!!

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