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Oh, brother. I think I know a few people who have bought that pipe and they always pipe up in English Lit. classes :)


bought that BOOK, I should say. I was thinking faster than I could type. A few too many celebratory beers will do that to you!

Steve Betz

None of the words on the cover count though, I would think.

java janie

Oooh! What are you celebrating? Is school finally done? Is it possible I might attempt to call this week and actually talk to you? ;-) 

java janie

We are really having fun with this book. It's just sitting on the coffee table. It's fun to flip it open and start quizzing whoever happens to be nearby. I always loved Vocabulary in school. Although, I'm finding I am really bad at defining a word, even when I know and use it on a regular basis! 


Is Doppelganger in there? I've been trying to use it more in conversation. Not to sound smart, just because I like the way it sounds. That and capricious. 

java janie

Capricious, yes. Doppelganger, no. I really like doppelganger too! 

Here's a good one...kaffeeklatch (CAW-fee-klatch). It's a informal social gathering, typically including coffee and gossip. I think I'll have me one of them there kaffeeklatches new week! 


[this is good] Fun!  I was looking at a similar book in Vegas this week, and my friend Laura, who was along for the ride commented that there wasn't a word in the book that she could see that I didn't already use in conversation. It was sad, because I was hoping for new and more exciting ones.

Amos Kemp

[this is good] Indeed an informative article.

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