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Try this for fun when they get a little older. Take them outside and have one of the kids crawl beside them. The chicks will stay under the kid or follow them around because they don't like to be out in the open..and it's so hilarious!

Yeah..two's not enough. Five's not enough but I don't think our coops big enough for more. The only redo I'd take is to make a bigger coop and run.

Georgie looks like she's wearing eye liner. Pretty girl.

java janie

We are all really enjoying! I can't wait to try that trick. 

Weird thing with Georgie, it's only on one side. Like someone interrupted her while she was putting her makeup on! 


you should definitely get more. i grew up with chickens and my dad just built a chicken coop and has like 12 baby chicks. you have to get atleast a few more! the great thing is, they arent any trouble to take care of, in my opinion.
they are the cutest things ever. even as adults.

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