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Steve Betz

Oof --- when I lived in Illinois, I had some mice in the basement and kitchen.  The glue traps were the only ones that worked.


ITA.  My mom gets mice and they are cute when they're not pooping and startling you.  They use glue traps. 


I use chocolate in my traps - and I use humane traps and then release the mice outside (my husband points out that they probably just come straight back inside again) because it makes me feel slightly less guilty.


If you want to be as humane as possible, I'd use a snap trap. Glue traps are possibly the cruelest way to kill mice.

java janie

Yeah, I don't want to use glue traps, but they are setting off the snap traps and just licking off the peanut butter! I can even hear them doing stuff in my walls. That can't be good. I'm afraid of the damage they are doing where I can't see. 


Hmm... I recently successfully used a poison that comes in tiny little individual bags which they have to chew through to get to the poison. I expect the rationale is that you can see that they've actually taken it. Could you try a different poison?

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