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Wow!  So wish we were up there with you guys to celebrate the snow!  Hope it's a lot of fun, and no power outages for you!

Christianity in the Raw

Wow! No snow here in New England, just cold...


That's a lot of snow! They'd close our entire city til March if we had that kind of snow. Really. You guys stay warm! Hope you've got a lot of movies and board games to pass the time.


Oh..and Happy Birthday Josiah! Double digits is a big birthday.

java janie

We're holding up well. Steve reorganized the book shelves. The kids played out in the snow. It's good for making igloos. Oh, and we've all been playing Oregon Trail on the computer. Steve picked it up for me last week. I keep hearing children exclaiming, "I have scurvy!" "I died of cholera!" and my favorite..."I lost my bacon!" So far, no one has made it to the West Coast alive. But they keep trying! 


I felt sorry for the kids here last week. We had snow like we only have once every 10 years or so. They all tried so hard to make snowmen but the snow was too dry to pack. DeWitte and Nathan finally gave up and made theirs using snow packed down into five gallon buckets. It looked like the Stay Puft (I always thought it was puff) Marshmallow Man until his head fell off. I guess they can try again in another 10 years.

With as much snow as you guys have, the kids are sure to be out of school for at least a few days. They'll probably make it to the west coast long before that.

Amy Sue

[this is good]

Beautiful photos!  Happy Birthday Josiah!  What a great present to get...hope you all have lots of fun in all that snow! 


If Sam finds out this is Josiah's fault, he will never like him, Snuggie or not. ;)


Also, you know there's an Oregon Trail app on Facebook?  And you can make your Facebook friends your wagonmates. :)



Happy birthday Josiah! How fun to be snowed in on your birthday!! I still don't envy you though -- I wish Spring for everyone!

Steve Betz

Very happy birthday to Josiah!  We had about 1/4" of rain and I was sort of worried about our lemons and hummingbirds.

LOVE the cardinal picture!


That picture of the cardinal is fantastic! 

Happy Birthday to your son. Drive carefully in the white stuff. Sliding is only fun if you can control it. 


No!!! I'm so going to find that right now. But I can't tell my husband, lest I never see him again.

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