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Wow, Janie.  That's like deja vu for me!  What made them decide to do the angioplasty?

Amy Sue

Janie, I'm so glad they found what was wrong!  My mom went through this about 6 years ago, only they put stents in several of her arteries.  It's amazing what medical technology can do.  I will continue to keep your dad, and all of you, in my prayers. 

By the way, is Marlen related to you?  I noticed that her posts on FB were similar to yours & Nicoles regarding her dad. 

java janie

Not sure. I wasn't up there yet and my mom isn't very good at remembering or relaying information. I'm just glad they did it! 

java janie

Yes, Marlen is my sister too. Nicole is my oldest sister, then Mar, then I'm the "baby". Thanks for praying for him and us....it means a lot! 



Steve Betz

Many many thoughts and prayers for your dad and your whole family.

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