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You could have walking pneumonia and NEED to go to the doc tomorrow!

java janie

Even without having a fever? I always thought pneumonia came with a high fever?

Amy Sue

Fever doesn't always accompany pneumonia...especially in adults.  If you have bronchitis, or any other bacterial infection, it's not going to go away without medicine.   2 weeks is a long time to still have the symptoms.  You could be in & out of the doctor in an hour, with a prescription for antibiotic in hand...and feeling 100% better in a couple of days.  PLEASE...go to the doctor!  :-)


I'm so glad things are slowly returning to normal...

That has to be horrible with coughing with a bruised rib. I know a guy who used to carry a pillow with/ near him for when he had to cough. He said pressing it against the outside seemed to help the pain? I dunno. You'd have to bother but if it eased anything, maybe it's worth it?


I've had this stupid cough since New Years. It's brutal... It's finally just starting to get better...

java janie

That's how mine was/is. I went to the doctor's today. I'm thinking over 2 weeks of coughing it was time to go. 

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