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[this is good]

I think I overuse "Meanwhile, back at the ranch..."  Maybe more in conversation, though. 

Glad you liked Catching Fire. :)


The main book I read this year was VERY long.... Does that count as 2 or 3 books??? hehe.

I just got the Dead Until Dark series (True Blood's based on this series) ... Yay for fluff! :D


[this is good] I love the Hunger Games series. Can't wait for the conclusion!

Sorry Steve is sick. Hope you don't get it.


Fun! I can't wait to read this one. I kind of wish kickass Katniss was the pop lit teen everyone was swooning over instead of stupid Bella.

*ducks and covers from the Twilight fans*

I hope Steve feels better and the kids and you escape the germs!


That'll never happen.  People want idiot girls and sparkle English, not someone who doesn't need to be rescued. :)


Sigh. I know. I don't really understand why we don't idolize the self-sufficient teen heroines. But I know you're right.

Also? The Hunger Games (haven't read the second one yet) would make a WAY MORE INTERESTING movie than a bunch of lame vegetarian vamps.

Yeah, I said it.


I like Twilight, too.

You know what I think it is?  Katniss makes me feel like a screwup, because I wouldn't last two minutes in the Hunger Games.  But Bella?  I am way better than Bella.  :)


I could not agree more! But I also agree with Kelly -- Katniss would kill me in an instant.

Flamingo Dancer

And no, I didn't finish Vintage Jesus

Life is too short to waste on a bad book

java janie

It's not a bad book, just very deep. Actually the last chapter was a huge blessing to me. And I'm down to one chapter now. I just need to read it when I have time and am not easily distracted. 


I hope you guys are feeling ok, and I hope Steve is better!

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