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I hope you feel better! I'm glad you went to the doctor (finally). ;-)


I'm glad you went to the doctor and I hope you start feeling better soon.

So glad you liked When You Reach Me; I thought it was just fantastic.

java janie

I started The Adoration Of Jenna Fox in the waiting room at the doctor's office today. Very good so far. 

Oh, you didn't tell me Cafe Hon was kinda close to you! We need to go sometime soon. 


I didn't realize you wanted to eat there.  Yeah, we can totally go there.  I'm close to Holy Frijoles, too. :)



I always feel silly going to the doctor for a cold, too. But sometimes, when it hangs on for so long, you've just gotta bite the bullet. My voice has been almost gone, off and on for more than a month. I went in and they told me to just stop talking. This has turned out to be an impossible feat. Apparently, I can't shut up and when I do, everybody things I'm mad! When do I ever not let them know I'm mad? I sure don't do it quietly.

Hope you feel better very, very soon!


"life is pain, highness.  anyone who says different is selling something."

thank you for quoting that!  you're brilliant!

java janie

I wouldn't say I'm brilliant. I just couldn't think of my own clever post title! It's just such a good quote and oh so true. 

Amy Sue

So glad you went to the doctor!  Hope you're feeling better soon.  :)


Just now seeing this - ouch!! Hope you are feeling better now.


Say "yes" to drugs. You poor thing. I hope this gets better for you quickly but w/ those ribs, it's probably going to be a couple of weeks before you're "yourself."

Speedier healing!!

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