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Engraved Heart

Glad your dad is home!  how are you feeling?


You must share that recipe.


I love you and your kids; you guys are so good for my ego. :)

I think Pure should be okay; ask KellySouth because she read it, too. 

They're all YA books though, so Tori and probably Sophie should be fine with all of it.



Oh, also When You Reach Me just won the Newbery award, so you should read that. :)  And then make everyone else read it.  It's short; it won't take long.

Amy Sue

[this is good]

So glad your dad is alright!  Medical technology is amazing, isn't it? 

Hey, I'm with Heather...love to have that recipe...both items you mention, please.  :)



She's better than a library!

I just get her recommendations and get the actual books from our library here.  I just finished Lost Hours.  WOW!  LOVED IT!


Yay, I'm so glad you liked that! :)

gunderson bee

[this is good] I am glad your dad is home and doing well. I'm grateful to god/universe/etc that things turned out well for him and your family. I know you are probably very relieved after what seemed like a handful of heartsick eons for you and the ones you love. The same thing happened to my mom (within 5 hours, which I posted about in the past), so I've been reading your posts with special care and attention, and praying he would be okay.

I'm so glad for your dad, and for your family. God bless you all.


Happy to hear he's home and all cleared out! Best wishes to him and your whole family!

java janie

Thanks. I've been warned by the doctors and multiple family members that this is also what killed my grandfather. Granted, it was made worse by years of smoking on both their parts. But I think maybe it's time I started paying better attention to my own health and going to the doctors on a regular basis. (((Hugs))) to you. 

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