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I don't want to box because it can give you brain damage.  And also because I don't handle pain well.  (But yeah, the swollen eye thing doesn't help, either.)

Glad you liked Adoration of Jenna Fox.  Hope Tori does, too. :)  And I hope you like Catching Fire.  Jen really did; she's also sad about waiting until the end of summer to read what happens next. 


I didn't realize you have been so sick. I hope the antibiotics work real fast. 


Ya know, the only thing we all miss about our old couch, as ratty as it was, was that we could all cuddle up with room to spare. But, luckily, there are only the three of us, so we make due. Any more and someone would end up on the floor.

Hope you're feeling better very soon because life starts over in the morning with a ready, set, Go! I hope your Go isn't very painful.

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