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[this is good] How fun!

Never been ice skating and I think I'd probably break something important ;p


I used to ice skate all the time when I was younger (way younger) and living in ND.  So much fun.  I miss it.  I would love to go again.

Amy Sue

[this is good] Looks like so much fun!  I haven't been ice skating since I was a child.  You did quite well not falling!  ;-)  Love Mr. Bill! 


[this is good]


My goal this year is to not have any children in my care break a bone while ice skating. Erm, not that I'm speaking through experience or anything! So you did better than I did keeping those kids intact.


After the bedroom fall, this made me wonder for a second... Glad nothing happened. LOL.

That Mr. Bill gets around, doesn't he. LOL

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