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The next time he goes to Phoenix, you can meet my BFF Jen!  :) 

(Don't forget to encourage Jamie to come back with you so she can hang out on Thursday.)

java janie

If I am ever in Phoenix, I'll definitely hunt her down. But I'm hoping Jen will just come live out here in MD. ;-) 

I'll try and get Jamie to come, but I can't promise anything! 

You know, it is really cool to have made all these friends through blogging. I couldn't imagine my life without you all. And it makes traveling so much fun when I get to see the people that have shared their lives with me for the last couple of years. 


I'm hoping for that, too.  And it's always possible, I think.

I totally agree. :)  My life's so much better with you and the other Vox people. :)

Tired Working Mom

Have a great time with Jaime.  I am curious to see what you think of the chickens :-)


Did you get any pictures?

java janie

No, I sucked at that yesterday. I think the only picture I took was of a house in Ghent that I really thought Steve would like. 


That's ok - you were busy having fun.


I've been trying to get to the east coast for the last couple years.
I really need to get out there. So much east coast to see. So many Vox people to see.

java janie

Steve and I would gladly play tour guide if you and SCM ever get out to the DC area! 

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