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Amy Sue

[this is good]

So cute!  I showed my daugher your photos on Facebook of the chinchillas.  She of course said, "I WANT ONE!"  I couldn't even tell her what they were, exactly.  So if you would enlighten me, I'd be ever so greatful....or maybe not!  :)


Steve Betz

[this is good] Oh -- the baby bunny!


Big fuzzy tails... LOL


They've gotten so big! And, do you treat a wild rabbit like a regular rabbit..I'm assuming you can tame it, right? Though, it looks pretty tame as it is. Have you introduced him/her to Benjamin?

java janie

We let it go. Probably shouldn't have. The bunnies have been eating all our petunias this year! 


[this is good] Awww, what's not to love about baby animals? :)


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