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A good reminder indeed!

Libby went to the waterpark with a friend today, where bee stings were also experienced.


I hadn't been stung since early grade school so was really good about being calm when bees were around.  Then when Jace was a baby, I was stung on the hand while pushing him in the stroller.  I didn't even see it!  I could not believe the intense pain and have not been calm around bees ever since.  They don't usually get bad until August and September.

Tired Working Mom

Oh ouch! I have not been stung by a bee since I was a child but I remember they scared me to death after that.  My kids have not experienced one yet and I am hoping they don't any time soon. Hope it feels better now.


But it's your job as Mom to be the voice of reason, strength and courage during those hectic moments so as not to cause further panic. Even if you are going out of your mind crazy with fear, you are never supposed to show them that. LOL It's the parents credo... It probably also almost killed my Mom a few times when we were kids... I think she had 911 on speed dial, before there was speed dial...

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