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[this is good]

Mmmmmmm....Emjay just got me anticipating this delicacy (and bemoaning my lack of James River Grill's recipe) from my blossoming Brandywine bush.

So are these homemade, or did you find a restaurant that still has tomatoes on the menu?

Steve Betz

[this is good] Wow -- that's almost enough to make me miss the South...


My mom was supposed to make me those when I was home on vacation but she couldn't find any green tomatoes.

*melodramatic sigh*

I've never had them but I love the movie.  (I worry that they'll be like turkish delight--I'll have built it up so much in my mind and when I have them, they'll just be really gross.)


[this is good] Yes, but have you had fried dill pickles? With ranch dressing? Yum.

And now I'm hungry.


I want to try fried green tomatoes!! Preferably at the Whistle Stop Cafe.




are they delicious? i've never had them before... 

java janie

They are surprisingly good. I was unsure about them, but I figured for $5 it was worth the gamble. I tried to make them myself once, and they weren't good at all. I bet your mom would make some awesome fried green tomatoes with the way you brag about her cooking!


Oh, seriously, you have no idea. :)  And she loves to cook for people and she likes you already.  I think you and Steve and the kids should totally go over for dinner one night on your way to/from Ocean City.

And the funny thing?  She'd totally be up for it.


One of my fave appetizers!


[this is good]

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