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[this is good]

Legos are awesome. Check my recent post on them.

I don't think I could get all 5 kids to sit down and build, since they are spread out in age from 19-7. It would be cool though. I think we need more Legos for Christmas. I find these little figures sitting on top the entertainment center. Who knows what they are but they're cool. I need to take some pics and post them.


Mrs Groovy

[this is good] I love Legos. I didnt play with them as a kid either, but I can sit down and build a big house full of windows and multiple doors when asked. Both my daughter and son love them, think my daughter has all the Harry Potter sets and now we're working on Batman.


[this is good]

Glow-in-the-dark-Lego-tag!  I love it! 

I actually used to play with Legos a lot when I was a kid, and I didn't have too many Barbies; my mom was a pioneering feminist and didn't approve much of Barbies.  We actually don't have any Legos in our house yet; my oldest is not yet 6, so we're more into Megas and Duplos.  But probably going to enter the Lego age soon.

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